Election Day

Big day in our country.

Election Day 2010. A lot of turnover and change is being predicted, but we will see.

Although I am definitely conservative, I have a hard time putting much faith in either political party these days. It seems that no matter who is in office, too much money is spent and too much pandering to those who donate the almighty dollar is done. Every time I see one of the political parties coming back into power, we are promised big changes and it seems that my day-to-day life is rarely changed too much.

But today, I am praying for the following:

– For God’s will to be done
– For men & women of good character and values to be appointed
– For our nation to seek God first!

I am so thankful to live in a country where we have the option to vote. It is our responsibility as citizens to not take this right for granted. Do your research, listen to your heart, and VOTE!


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