With all the talk about little Lauren, I thought I should spend a minute appreciating our firstborn little guy! We love our Liam! He is your classic two-year-old boy these days – LOUD and BUSY! 🙂 He is full of energy, full of cuddles for his new sister, and full of joy. He is our early riser, and although he makes us get up waaaay earlier than we would like, we appreciate his enthusiasm for life.

Liam lives life to the fullest, whether that means trying to carry 10 little trucks & trains at once or eating his applesauce WITHOUT the spoon (see pictures above!). 🙂 His Auntie Mar took these pictures while she watched him one of the days we were in the hospital with Lauren.


One thought on “Firstborn

  1. Kelly, I love how the photos show the exuberance Liam has for eating! It reminds me of how he hollers “Yay” when I say to him, “Grandpa’s making you pancakes.”


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