A Birth Story

All righty, so I know that I LOVE hearing birth stories and I know a few of you have asked for details about my recent birth experience with Lauren, so here it is:

My sister Mary Anne decided to drive down to spend a long weekend with me starting Thursday Sept. 9th, hoping that I would have the baby sometime between Thursday and Sunday, since my due date was Sept. 11th and I was already having some crampiness and constant back pain plus some other signs that made me think labor was near. But on Thursday when I went for my OB appt, he told me I was not dilated at all. I told him, “Well, I’m not going to read too much into that, because I know tons of gals who walk around 3 cm dilated for weeks, and then others who aren’t dilated at all go on to have their babies that night!” 🙂

So since my sister was in town and spending the afternoon with me, I thought I would try out one of the “old wive’s tales” if you will for self-inducing labor. I was feeling pretty ready to get this show on the road, so after taking some castor oil at 1:15pm that day, we watched some movies and sat around waiting for something to happen. Nothing happened after hours, so once David came home from work and could watch Liam, we did some major walking around the neighborhood (Mary Anne & I), even doing hill repeats several times! It sure tired me out, but no contractions, so Mary Anne went home to my dad’s house that night and I went to bed early, just feeling a little funny.

Around 9:15pm that night, the castor oil kicked in all right! Then at 10:30pm, my whole body started shaking and my teeth started chattering. Minutes after, INTENSE contractions started EVERY TWO MINUTES right from the get-go. Around 10:45, I was pretty sure my water had broken! We called Mary Anne, told her to come over (she was going to help be a labor support person), called my mother-in-law to come watch Liam, and called my Dr, who said that I would probably want to come in within an hour or so once I started feeling really uncomfortable.

We left the house just after midnight, got checked into triage where they confirmed that my water had indeed broken, and got into a room. The nurse checked me and I was already at 4-5 cm with hardly any cervix left at all!! I couldn’t believe it! This was after only 2 hours of contractions, and I knew I had been 0 cm dilated as of that morning. So they asked me if I’d like an epidural, to which I said YES PLEASE!! The anesthesiologist arrived maybe 15 min later and got going right away on the epidural, as I was DYING of excruciating back labor. I was SOOO thankful for him!!! Right after, they confirmed that I was now already 8 cm!!!!! Things were moving quickly.

In a short time, I felt tremendous pressure (although thankfully I wasn’t dying of awful pain anymore due to the wonderful, beautiful, magnificent epidural) so they checked me again and I was complete – 10 cm!!! They got me ready to push and I started pushing at 2:15am. I could not BELIEVE IT but Lauren was born only 21 minutes later at 2:36 am!!!!

Praise God, I had successfully gotten my VBAC and avoided a repeat C-section!

They placed Lauren on my chest and she was very purple in the face and not crying immediately. They soon took her to an adjoined room to be checked out by some Respiratory Therapists as she was having a little bit of trouble breathing. Fortunately, she was soon doing fine and they brought her back to me. It was so wonderful to hold my little baby girl!

My dad was waiting outside and heard her start crying soon after birth and said it was really emotional. Pretty soon he was able to come visit us in the room and see little Lauren. I was so happy that he could be there soon after the birth but it was so hard realizing my mom’s absence yet again. She would have LOVED to be there and I know she would have been so proud of us all. I miss her so so much and it is hard knowing that Lauren and any future kids won’t know her. But I know they will get to meet her one day and she will be just as proud of them in heaven as she would be here.

Anyway, that’s the basics of my birth story. It was fast and furious (probably largely because of the castor oil, although who knows), but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


5 thoughts on “A Birth Story

  1. Beautiful story. God truly does give us the desires of our hearts…VBAC, quick labor and delivery, healthy Mom, healthy baby, loved ones nearby…oh so precious…and your dear Mama watching from above. Love to all.

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