6 Months Ago

Six months ago today, we said goodbye to Mom.

Six months.


It has been a hard six months. We miss her every day. And I miss her now more than ever. How I wish she was here to see my new baby, to love her and remark on how perfect she is (because your grandkids are ALWAYS perfect, right?).

Life continues on, but it does not mean that we forget, or that it gets easier. We don’t have a choice – you just have to keep going.


2 thoughts on “6 Months Ago

  1. You’ve captured my thoughts exactly, my dear. I’ve been thinking of Mom a lot today, and of how much I/we miss her.

    So this Grandpa will have to speak for both Mom and me and say, “Yes, Kelly, you absolutely have a PERFECT little girl there!” I love her so much.

    Love, Dad

  2. Hi kelly

    your cousin, chelsea delivered early on Sept. 11,2010, the day after you.
    she and her husband, ben had a boy named Evan Scott Breit.
    i know your mom had a brother named scott as well

    it is my brothers middle name.
    i am so sorry your mom couldn’t see lauren.


    Mickey’s cousin

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