Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I wonder if you have food in heaven? I really hope so… I can’t imagine you would HAVE to eat, but oh I bet it would be a wonderful, delicious, tasty thing to do! Oh the scrumptious things that must be up there; I hope you get to enjoy something new each and every day!

Food reminds me a lot of you. You know the cookbook that you gave me with all your favorite recipes when I got married? I use it SOOOO often. Liam loves your pancake recipe – you should see how he RUNS and jumps into his little booster seat giggling the whole way when I ask him if he wants a pancake. I feel so sad when I think about how my kids will miss out on standing on a chair next to you in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious. You were so good at letting us help you in the kitchen, teaching us how to make things even if it took 3x as long as it would have to just do it yourself.

Fall is not too far away, and I feel like these next few months will make me miss you even more as we approach the holidays. Our first Thanksgiving without you, our first Christmas without you… It will never be the same. Who will make the candy cane pastry? Who will make Grandpa Gene’s famous fudge? I guess it will be up to us now. I hope we can make you proud.

Today I’m making molasses cookies and it reminds me of you, too. Yours were the BEST. And it seems like you always quadrupled every cookie recipe, something you’d never catch us four kids complaining about 🙂 Do you remember the time that John ate 13 in one day?? Hehe, he reminded me of that today.

We love you. We miss you. I wish I could send you up a molasses cookie today, but I’m sure you’re eating something a million times better anyway.



4 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. What a beautiful letter to your mom! And thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    May our Creator and Lord bless you with His peace, comfort and strength. In Christ Jesus, Amen!

  2. This was so sweet Kelly. You are such an amazing woman, wife, mommy, from having an awesome example to learn from. I know you are definitely making your mom proud!

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