So today marks the longest that I have ever been pregnant! I gave birth to Liam at 38 weeks and 4 days, and today I am 38 weeks and 5 days. I met with my Dr today and Lauren seems to still be happy as ever with a good, strong heartbeat. So we continue in the waiting game!

I will be induced at 41 weeks if I haven’t given birth by then, so that would put me around September 18th at the latest. It’s nice to have a worst-case-scenario date in my head for how long I could possibly be pregnant! I am really hoping that I just go into labor on my own, though, as I know it is not only safer but the EASIER way to go. Fortunately, my Dr told me he has the lowest C-section rate in town, so I know that he is really going to be working to help me hopefully stay away from that route unless it really becomes necessary.

It’s still mostly summer around these parts, although we did have a few cooler, rainy days earlier this week. Today it’s popped back up to 85-ish degrees and nice and sunny. I hope that we still have some nice, sunny days after Lauren is born so she can wear all her newborn-sized short-sleeve stuff! 🙂 Oh I cannot WAIT to dress up a little girl!!! What fun it will be.


One thought on “38w5d

  1. Hi, hon. Just be sure you don’t get induced on that exact date (Saturday, Sept. 18). My soon-to-be-born Oregon Duck granddaughter Lauren would surely never put her Grandpa in the position of missing a Duck football game!

    Love, Dad

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