Like the night before Christmas…

I am starting to get so antsy, excited & giddy to meet baby Lauren! I’m 34 weeks along today so not much longer until she arrives to join our family!

The ultrasound pic above was from when she was only 16.5 weeks along, so she looks a lot more like a real baby now, I’m sure. Can’t wait to meet her & see what her little personality will be like.

I wish that my mom could be here to meet her, too…


My dad, sister, Liam & I went blueberry picking on Thursday and got the HUGEST berries you have ever seen! They were gorgeous and no-spray at only $1.50 a lb. I think between the 3 of us (Liam didn’t add much to our buckets, although he did take out plenty to eat, haha!) we picked about 17 lbs in a short time. Fresh blueberries are literally one of my all-time favorite things about summer. There is nothing that can beat that taste!


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