Head Down!

Well shocker of all shockers… Had my 32-week OB appointment today and Lauren has switched to being HEAD DOWN!!! I am really happy to know this because Liam was very stubbornly breech from 24 weeks on and thus I needed the C-section. I pray that Lauren will stay head down so I can attempt to have a normal delivery and avoid having surgery and the subsequent longer recovery. I would much rather be in and out of the hospital and back to caring for my toddler and new baby rather than having to follow activity restrictions for weeks at a time… Anyway, thanks for the prayers and hopefully Lauren will stay as she is 🙂

My little sis turns 21 this Sunday! She and some other family are camping, which is probably the best possible thing that an outdoorsy gal like her could do on her bday 🙂 I can’t believe she’s finally a full-on adult. Life goes by so quickly, it seems. Anyway, I am proud of her & all that she has accomplished. She is a strong young woman and keeps going on in spite of all the difficulties that have been thrown our way this past year plus.

Well, I better go. Liam has been staying up super late the past two nights and I think it finally caught up to him, because he just practically BEGGED to go take a nap… at 10:30 in the morning! So I am going to get some cleaning done so we can enjoy the rest of the day after he wakes up.


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