Gardening Season

After a really slow start to this year’s gardening season, things have been warmed up for a few weeks now and things are really starting to grow! The highlights of my little garden & yard so far have been:

1) Seeing my nasturtiums bloom like crazy (these are from the seeds that my mom saved from her nasturtiums grown in Alaska, so it’s really special)

2) Yummy, sweet strawberries from my 6 plants that I just planted this year

3) Tonight for the first time, we were able to harvest some sugar snap peas! They hardly made it into the house because Liam caught wind of it & ate them all, haha. That boy LOVES him some snap peas. 🙂

Anyway, my little raised bed is a bit wimpy this year, but my dad’s garden is MASSIVE, so I’m looking forward to enjoying all those produce & flower goodies soon enough! Here’s a few pictures of his garden from a few weeks ago – it’s dedicated to my mom, so we call it “Mickey’s Garden”. A lot of the small plants here are things that will grow to be MASSIVE (like pumpkins, zucchini, etc), so I’ll follow up with another few pictures later in the season.

So, plenty more months of summer gardening ahead – should be fun! Plus, my allergies will be over soon so I can head back outdoors again…. Grass pollen is AWFUL in the Willamette Valley in June, but it should be tapering off very soon. Phew!


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