Times they are a-changin’

So after the most MISERABLY cold & rainy spring I ever remember Oregon having, we have had some nice sun & warmth the past few days. Unfortunately, I have to enjoy it mostly from indoors, as I have really bad grass allergies from Memorial Labor Day to 4th of July each year (about 6 weeks). Plus, with me being pregnant, I can’t really take much in terms of allergy medicine.

Anyway, I am still happy to have the nicer weather. My plants grow better, everyone’s moods are better, and Liam gets to go outside with Daddy when he gets home from work. We have a park just literally 2 blocks from our house, and last evening David took Liam down there and I think they were gone for almost 2 full hours! Liam brings his little basketball down there with him and thinks that he can mix it up with the “big kids” that are down there (middle schoolers, usually). Fortunately, the kids there last night were nice to Liam & let him shoot in between their shots. David didn’t realize how long they were gone, and by the time they got home, Liam was SOOOOO overly tired that he just bawled during his short bathtime and fell immediately to sleep pretty much as soon as he laid down in his bed. Not even a peep was heard from his room! So anyway, I’m looking forward to this summer. 🙂 And once 4th of July hits, I will be outside with my pregnant self and Liam much more frequently!

Nothing new to report pregnancy-wise, really. Things are going well and I THINK that this baby might already be head down (or at least moreso than liam was – he turned breech at 24 weeks and never moved from there), so that’s good. It’s really bizarre how different the fetal movement is when they are turned the other way! I remember most of Liam’s movement being down low, and this one is a lot of up high and on the sides. Anyway, we can’t wait to meet our little girl! It will be so nice to have another female in the house! 🙂

My grandpa’s funeral mass was this morning at 10am. I wish that we could have been there, but of course I can’t exactly be flying all over the country right now with a toddler… I’m just thankful we got to see him in April. God definitely worked that out!

I will leave you with a picture of our silly guy. Liam LOVES to mess up the pillows on our bed & snuggle underneath them. Here is a recent time I caught him doing just that!


One thought on “Times they are a-changin’

  1. Great photo! I’ve missed the little guy (and all my grandkids … and kids) during this two-week trip to Arizona.

    Love, Dad/Grandpa

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