Another death in the family is drawing near… My sweet grandpa is 95 years old and has finally discontinued his dialysis treatment after it was getting too difficult physically. He is on hospice and his kids are all around him now, which is nice.

I got the privilege of saying goodbye to him via phone yesterday morning. He sounded so peaceful and ready, and it made me think how much of a gift it is to die in total peace without worries of what happens AFTER you die. What a joy to die knowing you get to be with Jesus forever!!

Grandpa promised to give my Mom a big hug when he gets to heaven. I am envious he gets to see her so soon.

Anyway, I’ll write more about my grandpa at a later date, but please be praying for my grandma during the upcoming transition, as well as all of their kids. It is hard to lose a parent or spouse, NO MATTER what age.


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