24 Weeks.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant today.

16 weeks to go (maybe a little less, maybe a little more)!

I had a C-section with Liam (he was a double footling breech, plus it became an emergency after our car accident), but I’d really like to try for a VBAC this time around. We’ll see how that goes, and we’ll see if Lauren decides to be head down unlike her stubborn brother! I remember right at about 24 weeks of pregnancy with Liam, he turned head up and all of a sudden I could feel his head at the top of my abdomen, sticking out! I thought it was his bottom until quite a few weeks later when an ultrasound revealed that he was most definitely not facing head down. So far, I haven’t felt anything like a head up high with Lauren, but who knows. She definitely moves around a LOT and is quite active.

Hard to imagine that in a few short months we will be adding another member to our family!

I’ve been busy going to garage sales, finding awesome deals on like-new cutie patootie girl stuff. It’s so much different shopping for a girl – the possibilities are endless!

Anyway, keep us in your prayers in these next few months, that things will go smoothly and that our family will stay in good health. Can’t wait to meet our little girl!


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