Mother’s Day Tribute

Dear Mama,

This is the first Mother’s Day you haven’t been here with us. We really really miss you so much. It’s still hard to believe that we won’t see you again until heaven. But in honor of this first Mother’s Day without you, I want to remember some of the things I loved most about you & some things I really miss:

– How dedicated you were to cooking us healthy & delicious meals
– How you taught us so much
– The smell of that lotion on your hands every night when you tucked us into bed
– Your loud, awesome laugh and the sheer joy that accompanied it
– Talking with you
– Going on walks with you
– Your love for playing games (you loved to have fun!!)
– Your spontaneity
– How you always considered others before yourself
– Your desire to teach the younger women
– Your love for God & your boldness in talking about Him to anyone who would listen!
– Your candy cane pastry each Christmas
– Your knack for being visionary – you were so good at envisioning home decor & so many other things
– Your dedication to prayer & reading God’s Word (so many times growing up I would walk into your room to find you on your knees praying by your bed)
– Your paranoia about grandkids choking, hee hee 🙂 (don’t worry, we still remind Liam to ‘chew, chew, chew!’)
– Your love for nature
– How you hated clutter & taught me to simplify
– How much you loved seeing me get interested in gardening & growing things in my early adult years

There is so much more… But these are just a few of the things I love & miss about you, Mom. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day in heaven, though I doubt you’re aware of the days anymore! We will think of you & miss you.



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Tribute

  1. Kelly ~
    you wrote this beautifully, and thoughtfully. I smiled as I read this, and also wiped the tears away. How wonderful that you do have so many rich and wonderful memories of your dear Mama. I miss her too.
    Big Hug to you,

  2. A great post Kelly. Your tribute to your Mom reminded me of all the character traits I loved about her. She was a spiritual mom to me and I so benefited from her godly input. No one can replace her.

  3. Enjoyed reading this Kelly, Your mom was a remarkable woman and she lives on in you. When Uncle Tom and I got married, you mom gave me the Betty Crocker Cookbook. It is now falling apart from all the many years of use, and the Candy Cane bread has also become a tradition with us. May you be bless today as we all celebrate mothers, and as you carry on in your own mother’s footsteps.

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