I HAD to post this picture of Liam – it just makes me giggle 😉 He is “nerd chic” with those fake glasses.

So not much to report here. The grieving continues, as it will for a long time to come. Most books say it takes at least a year (and oftentimes longer) to really get to a point where you are feeling somewhat healed. Not to say that you get to that point and everything is perfect, but that you get to a point where you mostly just remember happy memories and not always the sad ones.

It has been a pretty cold spring so far, but this week the temperatures are finally getting back to where they should be. It was in the 60’s today and is supposed to be high-60’s tomorrow. Good news for all of us gardening types. We are seeing lots of action in “Mickey’s Garden”, where a bunch of us kids & dad planted all the goodies that we will see this summer. My own personal raised bed is springing up seedlings like crazy, too. Can’t wait for some fresh produce!

The pregnancy continues to be going well. I will be 22 weeks (I think… I sometimes lose track with this pregnancy) this Saturday and nothing to report beyond normal Dr appointments and lots of movement from this little girl. She is very active! I am hoping she will not be breech like her brother was, because we’d really like to avoid another C-section if we can help it. Time will tell, though. Hopefully with this next birth, David can actually BE THERE! For those of you who don’t know, we were hit head-on on a highway when I was 38.5 weeks pregnant with Liam, and it put David in the ICU, my parents in the ER, and me in Labor & Delivery since it broke my water. I delivered Liam by C-section later that night, so needless to say, it wasn’t quite the birth I had imagined. I am praying & believing for an as-boring-as-humanly-possible birth this time, WITH my husband. I sure wish mom could be there, but I will have her there with me in my heart.

Well, I better say goodbye for now!


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