Almost 4 weeks… and it’s a GIRL!

It’ll be 4 weeks on Saturday since Mom left us. And oh, how we miss her. I think of her probably every hour if not every minute of the day… It is so hard to imagine living the REST of my ENTIRE life without ever seeing or talking to her again. Wow. What a shock.

I never feared losing my mom at a young age. I always pictured her living to 80-something and me having to take her keys away from her (a running joke between us – or maybe it wasn’t a joke, haha!). But 62 years old is just too young. Especially for someone who lived SUCH a healthy life. I am a firm believer now that how we live/eat/exercise/etc only has so much to do with our longevity, because if ever there was a clean & healthy liver, it was my mom. But I realize now that life isn’t predictable. And cancer is even more unpredictable. I hate it. I HATE IT!!!!!

So we just have to do the best we can to live healthy lives, but I just don’t believe that it’s good to think that we can “play God” by eating in an obsessively healthy manner. I have read a few anti-cancer type books, and in one by Suzanne Somers, I notice that she said she literally WORSHIPS the health of her body. I think that when we have no hope in God, our life here on earth in our earthly bodies is the only thing that matters at all. I don’t envy that position. I am thrilled to have a faith that tells me that no matter how bad, sad, awful, unfair life is here on earth, it is not our final home. My mom always used to say, “Earth is our TESTING place, not our RESTING place.”

Anyway, I really really really miss my mom. She was my best friend (besides my husband, of course). I talked with her just about every day of my life, even after moving out at age 18 to go to college in Eugene. I cherished mom’s wisdom, fun-loving spirit, and just how great of a listener she was. I think that’s a mom thing, period. We always hang on the words of our children, when everyone else in the world might be bored to tears. I hope I can be half the mother to my children that mom was to me.

And speaking of children…..

We found out last Tuesday that we are having a…

BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurray! I am so thrilled to tears. Mom really wanted this baby to be a girl, and I feel like this baby girl is my gift of joy from God right now. I cannot wait to meet her, and I will be so interested to see what her personality will be like. Who knows – she could be a lot like my mom! Wouldn’t that be a kick?


2 thoughts on “Almost 4 weeks… and it’s a GIRL!

  1. Sweet Kelly, You are your mother’s daughter, and a very excellent mom to your little Liam. I have noticed a trend when it comes to baby girls….they often look and have similar personalities as their grandmothers….call it Bonnie’s perspective, but I’ll be very interested to see your little girl. No matter what she will be a beauty, with a wonderful heart and a great blessing to everyone! YOU are an amazing woman Kelly!

    Much love, bonnie

  2. Babies heal the pain in our hearts…My granddaughter helps me with losing my Mom. What I can say, though, is that the happiness our Moms are experiencing now is beyond what we could even begin to imagine. It is so unspeakable, unimaginable, so beyond any earthly experience of joy we’ve ever had…it is so pure and all encompassing and it’s forever. They are submersed in it; they are surrounded by it; they are experiencing the love of God in a way that is out of this world. May they enjoy it to the fullest. Oh and the tea parties and the dancing. I love you Kelly and understand the hurt.

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