2 weeks

It’s been 2 weeks and one day since Mom left us for her eternal reward.

It’s been a LONG two weeks.

A hard two weeks.

That first week was spent mostly just planning & looking ahead to mom’s memorial service, which was wonderful, by the way. Thank you so much to all of you who came from near and far to celebrate mom’s memory. She would have been soooo blessed, I know.

The second week was what I call the “reality” week. Family & friends all went back home. Reality set in. Mom still was gone. Nothing feels quite the same.

And what we’re learning is that you can’t try to go back to what feels “normal”, because there will never be that same “normal” again. We have to build a “NEW normal”, which is a new life that feels entirely different.

But I’m taking my time. I don’t want to rush through grief. And I don’t want to put a time limit by ANY means on myself or my family. I’ve been reading some great books on grieving, and particularly grieving the loss of a mother, and what I’m seeing is that I will probably always have a sense of grief for the rest of my life at the loss of Mom.

Holidays. Birthdays. Births of more grandbabies (my 2nd baby is due in Sept). Marriages. All of these events will be a lifelong reminder of the special one who is missing. And I think it’s good and healthy to not expect myself or my family members to just “get over” this loss so easily. I think that it’s good for us to FEEL sad when these events will come.

And if I have to have many more events of breaking down crying in the middle of the Jerry’s garden center, well so be it. That’s ok. This is life here on earth – imperfect, really hard sometimes, and temporary.

In the end, we’ll all be back together again. With HIM!


2 thoughts on “2 weeks

  1. Hi, hon. You’ve said it so well. I too grieve often each day for Mom. And I agree — there will be no time limit on the grieving. The Lord will heal gradually, not suddenly, I am sure.

    Never a big crier in time past, I now find tears to be a daily experience as I think of life without Mom. Just this morning at City Bible Church in Portland, I went forward in response to Pastor Frank’s altar call for those who needed a “touch” from Jesus. I needed His touch in my hurting heart. I stood up front there, along with many other responders, and just cried for several minutes before the emotions subsided some. A number of people prayed for me, and that helped.

    It’s so comforting that we are a big, loving family committed to supporting each other in this most difficult time. And I thank God also for our praying and encouraging friends.

    Love, Dad

  2. So true, Kelly. I can’t even imagine my mom leaving right now at this point in my life. But I CAN imagine that it will take a very long time to go through the grieving process. I can just picture you breaking down in Jerry’s garden center, and it brings me to tears. My heart is full with sadness for you. I know nothing I can say can bring any comfort, and honestly I wouldn’t want to try. I truly believe that grief is such a huge part of our lives here on earth, and it makes our love for the Lord and our need for Him that much stronger in us. Grief makes us realize how short our lives are here, but also how much love we carry in our hearts. And you’re right, you will be back together with her again… for eternity!

    Isn’t it funny how we really only spent one day together, and yet I consider you a good friend? 🙂 I love you Kelly, and you’re in my prayers.


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