She Died “In Faith”

Mom took her last breath and went to receive her glorious eternal reward at 11:30 this past Saturday, March 13, 2010. She died peacefully, surrounded by her husband and four children and my sweet Aunt Bonnie. We praise God that we were able to keep her pain under control and she seemed very comfortable at the end.

Most importantly, mom died in faith.

Towards the end, she started to say, “I have a win-win situation. If I get healed, I’ll give God the glory. And if I don’t get my healing, I get to go be with the Lord!”

There is a hole in all of our hearts that loved her, and I will NEVER forget my wonderful mama.


4 thoughts on “She Died “In Faith”

  1. Your Mama was so beloved by her family and friends. What a treasure she was. An example of faith and positive confession. I loved her very much even in the short time we were acquainted. We will never understand God’s timing in death. It never seems right to us.

    I can’t even imagine the joy she’s having with the Lord. Knowing how she served and loved the Lord, she’s living again with her new body in His presence in a way we can only barely begin to imagine ourselves. And, one day, we’ll be together again.

    I’m so sorry for the loss and pain this is for your family. You are all in my prayers and the prayers of many others.

    I love you all,

    Lori Harpham

  2. Mickey was, and is, the love of my life. For nearly 38 years I knew and loved her as my matchless wife, the terrific mother of our children, and a stellar example of what it means to be a Christian. We will miss her deeply.

    Many thanks to all who have supported us in prayer and encouragement.

    Jim Feeney

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