We just signed up mom this week for home hospice to come in and check on her each week. They are great people and we were really impressed with them. Mom meets her assigned nurse tomorrow for the first time. Anyway, this will take a lot of the stress away from my Dad, because every time that a new symptom or issue appeared, him & mom would have to spend half a day or more at the dr’s office and it was really stressful and exhausting for both involved. This way, they come to us, take care of any medicines and any other need imagineable.

This does not mean that we are “giving up”. We are believing that anything is possible with the Lord, and a miracle is still our hope. God can heal at ANY time, so we put our trust in Him. But in the meantime, it is so nice to know that now we just have one phone # to call if ANYTHING comes up at all or we have any concerns, night or day. A big relief.

Please pray for my mom. Pray for the pain to be gone, for her appetite to return, for the tumors to shrivel up and die, and for her to feel the peace of God through all of this.

Yet will I praise you, Lord.


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