Healing Rooms

So mom & dad are back from their week-long trip down to California. They went down to Redding to attend a healing conference and visit the Healing Rooms at Bethel Church. Overall, it was a good time of ministry and being ministered to, as several other family members & family friends met them down there to lend support, prayers & encouragement.

The highlight of the trip, according to my parents, was their time spent in the Healing Rooms in Bethel Church. They have a unique ministry on Saturdays where they pray specifically for physical healing and have a whole area set aside for this. Many miracles have come from this ministry, and it was definitely a time of encouragement & healing for all who attended. Many documented healings come from this church and they clearly have a great faith for miraculous healing. Praise God!

On their way back home, Mom & Dad stopped in Medford and had a wonderful time seeing dear friends. Dad preached at the church and good fellowship was had by all. I am blessed by all the love & concern so many people have for my mom.

So many people have prayed for her healing, and I know that so many continue to press forward for this. Our prayer now is that we see the MANIFESTATION of that healing in mom’s body. We are believing that we will start to see her get & feel better each day, and that she will be restored and made whole in Jesus’ name.


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