No more chemo

Here is the latest on my mom, in the words of an email that my Dad sent out to friends & family today:

Hello, family and friends. Yesterday we saw Mickey’s oncologist to review the results of the most recent CT scan. In brief, there was no improvement on the tumors on her liver, and two new, small tumors showed up.

Mickey has now been through sixteen weeks of chemo. It has not provided any benefit. The doctor is in full agreement with our decision to discontinue chemotherapy. He called it “the right choice”. Chemo is not helping, and as he pointed out, the side effects are proving harmful to Mickey’s body.

We are not discouraged. We are believers in the Lord and in His healing power. As many of you know, Mickey once had a long-term, diagnosed infertility condition, which the Lord healed (without medical intervention) and granted us four wonderful children. We are firmly believing for that same divine healing power to heal this cancer.

Our sincere request is for continued prayer for Mickey, leading to a complete recovery that will bring glory to God. Thanks to all of you for your love and care.

Love from both of us,
Jim and Mickey


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