7 down…

So mom just had her 7th chemo treatment this week and is now “unplugged” (she goes in on the Tuesday of treatment week for a few hours of treatment there and then goes home for 46 hours with a pump that infuses 5-FU continuously). It always feels good to get her unhooked from the chemo. I hate it!!!

Her CEA is holding steady, so that is good, as for her it is a fairly reliable indicator of tumor activity. The oncologist said that in a few more weeks (probably 3-4, I believe) they will do another CT scan to see how this new cocktail of Folfiri is working out for her. I am continuing to believe in the MIGHTY GOD for good results and for her overall healing. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and I know that His desire is to see my mom well and whole. He desires health and life for us, not sickness.

Mom has been keeping busy quilting up a storm! She just finished a beautiful quilt for John & Charity that she’d been working on for awhile and is working on a beautiful lap-size quilt that is really vintagey-looking. I love it! She has a real gift for quilting, that is for sure.

Mom & Dad stopped by for lunch a little bit ago and that was nice to spend some time with them on this cold & rainy day. They are good company 🙂

Anyway, that’s about all for now. Thank you for your continued prayers, and please keep two other people in your prayers:

1) My mom’s dear friend Deanna is dealing with a very invasive breast cancer right now. She will be having surgery sometime in the next few months and is currently on chemo and weak. We need to see Deanna healed completely in Jesus’ name!!

2) My parents’ pastor friend Pete is battling bronchial cancer that is in one bronchial tube and his lung. He still manages to preach every Sunday, praise God! Lord, please touch Pete and heal him totally, by your stripes.


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