Week Break

Mom went in to the oncologist yesterday and was scheduled for chemo, but after looking at her blood counts and her side effects, the dr decided (to mom’s relief) to wait a week before doing another treatment. Her mouth & throat has been really sore and her white blood count is down. So please pray that her immune system and white blood cell count will get back up nice and high.

Here is a picture from last week. Mom took me out to tea & scones 🙂 I thank God for my sweet Mama!

Mom & I went out to tea at Ruthie B's last week

Mom & I went out to tea at Ruthie B's last week

Thanks again for all of your prayers. We continue to seek God and trust in Him for total healing.


One thought on “Week Break

  1. We will be holding you up continually and believing with you for renewed health and strength to fill your body through the power of Jesus Christ. We love your family very much and, of course, your dear mother, Mickey. Blessings and love to you all. God is able to do far more than WE can ever ask or think…..(paraphrase)

    In Christ’s love,

    Lori Harpham

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