Chemo Take 5

So mom had her 5th session of chemo this past Tuesday, although this was her first on the new Folfiri regime. I would say that so far, her body seemed to handle this one better. She seemed to have more energy even during the days that are usually her “very bad” days, so I was thrilled about that.

With all of our emotions, there are up days, there are down days, and there are days where we just get tired of talking/thinking/living cancer, but all in all, we are continuing to trust in the Living God, who I know is holding my mom in the shelter of His wings.

My sis came down to visit mom & dad this weekend, so that is nice for them and it was fun for me to visit with her for a little while today, too.

Anyway, that’s all for now… I will leave you with this statement – We choose to believe the report of GOD, not the report of man!!

P.S. One more thing I forgot to mention – mom’s latest CEA blood test showed her CEA was down to 1.83, which is another great drop and keeps her in the “normal” range for her tumor activity. I am believing that the tumors that are showing up in her body still on the scans are DEAD, and we are going to see them disappear in some point at the future!


One thought on “Chemo Take 5

  1. I was given your blog to follow your mom’s progress. You’ve all been in my thoughts daily. I’m believing, as all of you are, for total shrinkage of the cancer. You are all such an inspiration to those of us who love you and are praying God’s healing hand upon your mom.

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