Just some little stuff

Hello dear readers & prayer warriors! Not much new to report here – this is mom’s “good week” where she is not on chemo, so that is always nice. She has been able to get out & about running some errands with dad, and little by little they are getting settled into their new home. The boxes in their garage are slowly but surely going away!

It is a beautiful time of year right now and Liam & I love going over there during the week and spending time at their lovely house and also in their huge back yard. The previous owners had planted a huge raised bed garden before they sold, so my parents are INUNDATED with about 20 tomato plants that are of course ALL blooming at the same time, some sunflowers, green beans, and a little mini pumpkin plant that mom planted this summer for the grandkids 🙂 This house is truly a blessing to them and to all of us – God has provided in a great way and will continue to care for every aspect of their lives, including the healing of my mom.

Speaking of which, here are some specific ways that you can pray for my mom and us:

– For the upcoming CT scan in a few weeks, that we would see miraculous results!

– For an increased appetite and weight gain for mom

– For my dad, as he is the “rock” right now, being the primary caregiver. Please pray for strength for him as well as that he would stay healthy

– For overall protection from any side effects from chemo. These drugs are strong, but He is so Mighty to Save! We are trusting Jesus to keep His mighty hand on mom and protect her

Anyway, these are just a few specifics that came to mind. I thank you again so much for all of the prayers being directed towards my mom and our family. Mom’s brothers are down from Alaska today and tomorrow so they are going to come by for a quick visit while they are in the States. That should be fun!


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