Chemo: Round 1

So… a quick update. Mom started chemo last Wednesday. This time around she was just on the FOLFOX regime (no Avastin this time, as her body is still healing from the port surgery & her initial colonectomy).

They started her at the clinic with an IV in her port and she was there most of the day. Then, they sent her home with a continuous pump that infused 5FU into her for the next 48 hours.

She felt pretty good the first day and said that she feels like it hit her hardest the 2nd, 3rd & 4th days. It is now Monday, and after speaking to her on the phone and seeing her in person earlier, I think today was a good turning point day for her where she is starting to feel less nauseous and hopefully will have a good week off ahead of her until the next session starts, which will be next Tuesday.

Our prayer for mom throughout this chemo comes from Mark 16:18… “and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” We are believing that this poison will do ONLY GOOD in her body, and that she will not be left with any negative side effects long term. We are believing in the LIVING GOD to keep His mighty hand of protection on mom throughout this whole process.

There will most likely be another CT or PET scan in about 2 months, where we will see how the cancer is reacting to the chemo. We are believing we will see that those liver lesions have shriveled up and died. They have to go, in the name of Jesus!

Thanks to you all for your love & support, and ESPECIALLY your prayers. We covet them so!


2 thoughts on “Chemo: Round 1

  1. Hi Micky and all,
    Wow this web site is so great. I’m praying for you and it boosts my faith! Know that you are on our hearts and we are praying for you, for your total healing by God’s mightly hand for His glory. We love you and are so happy to hear every piece of good news. May God grace you today with vision to see yourself Micky at the Throne of Grace receiving all that you need from His hand. Blessing to all of you in every way. Love, Mary and Elton

  2. Thanks for the update Kelly. Your mom and all your family are in my prayers. I am also believing for miraculous results showing on the CT/PET scans. I am praying that there won’t even be a need for another surgery, that all the spots will be completely gone! Hope you’re having a good week. Love, Kacy

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