Here is the latest, via an email that my dad sent out to our loved ones:

Hello, family and friends. Here’s a quick update on Mickey. Pretty much just informational, so please don’t feel any need to reply.

Tuesday we saw her surgeon, and the surgery to remove the cancer in her sigmoid colon is healing nicely.

Yesterday we had our first visit with Mickey’s oncologist, Dr. **** *******. He took at least an hour with us and was very helpful. On Tuesday, August 4th, Mickey will begin a regimen of chemotherapy. The purpose of that is to deal with the colon cancer that has metastasized to Mickey’s liver (and possibly elsewhere, although there are no visible signs of that).

The intent and hope is to shrink the several cancerous portions of the liver to the point where they can be “resected” (basically, cut out). If we can achieve that (that’s the all-important variable in the equation), then he held out some reasonable hope for “a cure”.

So our prayers now, as we approach the chemo on August 4th and beyond, is that those cancerous spots in the liver will indeed shrink to operable size. Even better, Mickey and I (and many others) are praying that the Lord will go beyond that and shrink them to zero! We realize that the hand of man, although marvelously skilled, is by definition limited. The hand of God knows no limits. We are asking the Lord to take Mickey even beyond the much-appreciated help of the medical experts.

Thanks to you all for your encouragement and prayers. It will be more than two weeks before we start chemo, so I’ll not likely have any updates for a while.

Blessings to all,


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