Comfort to the soul like chicken soup

Today was mom’s first whole day home from the hospital. Liam & I went over there for about 4 hours, and it was just what we all needed.

Dad, Mom & I sat outside in their awesome backyard on a PERFECT day and felt the sun on our faces and slight wind blowing around us. I also picked some green beans for them from their raised beds (the people they bought it from had planted them before they sold the house).

My mom definitely had more energy today – Praise you, Jesus! Our overall attitude is one of hope & complete trust in our Savior.

In closing, I’m attaching a video of the song “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns. In the hospital, I would tell my mom the lyrics to this song a lot because they are SOOO relevant to this situation. With cancer, there are so many voices of doubt, fear, and evil that come your way, and it can be hard to sort through all the NOISE to get to the real TRUTH! And the truth is that “by Jesus’ stripes we are healed!”

We accept nothing less.


3 thoughts on “Comfort to the soul like chicken soup

  1. Kel this is awesome! I am so glad you guys had such a nice day and I know that was just what your mom needed. To be sitting outside in her beautiful yard with her family and to feel God’s “son” shining down on her.
    And I LOVE that song!! I just listened to the whole thing and I noticed in one part with the line “…says do not be afraid..”, that the picture with the caption was a big mountain. I think that is very relevant especially to the cancer, where it can be so scary and cause us to be afraid of the future and the unknown. But we are faced with this “mountain” and the Lord is telling us to not be afraid. Listen to him and HE will take care of things. Thanks for sharing this song again!! LOVE YOU!!

  2. Awesome song and lyrics. I visited with Mary Roberts and she said she was so encouraged during the thick of her cancer battle by the same song.

    As I envisioned your Mom and Dad and you and Mary Ann eating the green beans that someone else planted…I recalled that those who love the Lord will eat the harvest that others planted. I wish I could recall the Scripture reference. God is so awesome to bless his faithful ones. Praise God.

  3. I found the Scripture references. The context is God’s promise to Isreal before and after they enter the Promised Land. Deut. 6: 10-13 ; Joshua 24:13 and Psalm 105:43 & 44. The gist is that God keeps his promises to Isreal and brings them into the Promised Land and they possess cities, homes, vineyards, gardens etc. They inherit the labor of the previous owners. Not only does our God provide all our needs He exceeds our wildest dreams and expectations. Yeah, go Lord God. I can hardly wait to be still and watch what God has in store for your MOM.

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