One more update

One more update here…

They let her start eating solid foods today! Hurray!

One more victory, thanks be to God.

AND, the Dr said that if all goes well, she might be able to come home tomorrow! Praise Jesus! Can’t wait to get our Mama home. THEN, the REAL battle begins – we will be fighting a spiritual and natural battle!


2 thoughts on “One more update

  1. Our God is awesome! Your Mom will heal so much faster in her own home. Thank you Jesus for taking such good care of my friend and sister in the Lord. July 15th I move my 5th wheel to Corvallis. We’ll practically be neighbors.

  2. Kelly, I am so glad you put this post on your facebook. I was able to read through all your posts…I think it’s really good for you to document this time…and be able to Thank God about the victories that are won day by day. We are really praying for you and your whole family. We believe in miracles and have faith for supernatural healing in Jesus name. Let me know whenever I can help out with Liam, or whatever else. I love you dear friend.

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