4th of July

Well, yesterday was the 4th, but definitely no bbq’s for us this year. Mom is of course still in the hospital, but at least we did get some great victories on the 4th!

On the 3rd, I left home that afternoon feeling very fearful & discouraged. They said that since she hadn’t passed gas yet after what I think was about 4 days, they were starting to be concerned that maybe the surgery had failed and they were preparing to feed her intravenously and do a CT scan to see what was wrong.

Well, that night we prayed. And prayed and prayed and prayed. My sister spent the night in my mom’s room and was up til 2 in the morning praying & reading God’s Word.

And the 4th of July was a great day of victory for her! Good things happened and by the end of the day, she had ALL of her tubes removed!! She is now not tethered to anything.

They also finally gave her the go-ahead on some clear liquids, which she is tolerating just fine. Hopefully today they will move her up to either regular liquids (so she can have stuff like Ensure), or even soft foods. Haven’t heard from the Dr yet, so not sure on that.

We are hoping that maybe she can come home from the hospital by Tuesday, but we really don’t know yet. Originally, they said 5-7 days in the hospital AFTER the surgery, and today is Day 6, but I would be surprised if she went home tomorrow. Then again, you never know – all things are possible with Him!

Probably will meet with the oncologist in a week or so, as I guess he’s gone on vacation this week now. But there is no rush, because they have to get her fully healed from surgery before they do any further treatment talk anyway.

Thanks for all who are praying and sending love & emotional support to our family. We appreciate you all & are blessed to be loved by so many!


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