Day by day

And so we trod along…

Mom has now been in the hospital for about a week (today is Thursday and she went to Urgent Care & was admitted last Friday).

Amazing what a difference a week makes.

Now, it’s not that I was carefree a week ago. In fact, I had been feeling a real burden and concern over my mom’s health for the few months before this (and had been praying for healing from her symptoms), but I never imagined that it was something of this seriousness.

Today she had a pretty good day, except for the fact that she still has a low grade fever. It has gone at some points but is still there in the 99-100 range. Other than that, her surgeon says her recovery from the surgery has been “textbook”. I am praying for more out of that book!

We are all very drained, physically and emotionally. My dad, sister & I take shifts being at the hospital. My sis is so nice to watch my son during the day for a shift so that I can be there, and then a lot of times once he goes to bed at night, I head back down in the evening for a few more hours. I wish that I could help them with the overnights, but my son still wakes up sometimes at night, and he gets pretty upset if mom isn’t there.

The title of my post really says how I’m feeling. We’re just taking this day by day, trusting in Jesus, asking Him to keep us going. We fully believe He has healed her and are keeping our faces turned towards Him in faith. We cannot wait to see that healing manifest in her body!


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