Simple faith

Just a quick update on stuff since I’m a little closer to the action at the moment. Was with mom from 7-11:30 today and she was doing pretty well. Her fever broke right before I left, so we were very happy about that and just believing that it will STAY AWAY with no infection or complications as we go along. Trusting Jesus!

Anyway, it’s really quite remarkable, but I really truly feel the presence of God in that hospital room. We keep reading mom verses of healing & I posted a bunch on her wall. Mom is speaking with lots of faith too, but of course she gets some fear sometimes too, which is normal. Hopefully the oncologist is supposed to stop by today and should have more details about the next plan of action. Anyway, I feel encouraged, like God is totally in control. I just feel like it’s not mom’s time!

I called the Kenneth Haggin Ministries prayer line today and had them pray for mom’s healing while I was there laying hands on mom. My mom has supported that ministry for awhile, buying their various books and such – they have awesome healing material. Anyway, the prayer partner on the phone commanded the cancer to dry up and die in Jesus’ name and said to mark July 1st as the day that mom received her healing. We are excited to see that healing manifest in her body. BY HIS STRIPES!!!

It is an exciting time. Can’t wait to see what God is going to do in Mom’s body and life. I don’t care what prognosis they give her, don’t care what any dr has to say – Jesus died on the cross for mom and SHE IS HEALED!

P.S. My friend Tiya told me this healing story today – thought I’d share it:

“I am glad to hear things are going well, I am so excited to see what God has in store. I cannot believe I forgot to tell you. The aunt of my friend Aimee (the one who threw my baby shower) had severe brain cancer about 6 months ago. It was inoperable. They were at the point where there was hospice at the house and the doctors all said she’d die any day. But Aimee and her family had faith for healing and prayed. She went through some kemo and lived far longer than the doctors thought. Just a few weeks ago they checked her over and found NO CANCER! The doctors said they absolutely had no explanation…TRUE STORY!”


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