Next day

Mom’s surgery was yesterday, and already they made her get up and walk the halls a bit! It’s amazing! Her incision looks like it’s about a foot long, so the fact that she was able to do that amazes me.

I was with mom this morning from 7-11. She was in quite a bit of pain at that time, so I was glad to hear that they were finally able to relieve more of her pain with some different amounts of pain meds.

I feel like my faith is increasing each day for her healing.

When a Dr. comes in and gives us a negative outlook and a pessimistic attitude, I think to myself, “Devil, we are not going to listen to YOUR thoughts on this – we serve a Mighty Healer who is far beyond what this world can throw at my mom.”

I wrote out some healing scriptures on big pieces of paper and I’m going to hang them up in her room tonight. We are praying against the powers of darkness that would try to bring my mom’s spirit down or cause her to feel discouraged.

I believe that He still heals today!


2 thoughts on “Next day

  1. Praise God for He is faithful to lift us up when we are down; He carries the load and gives peace. Thank you for sharing, Kelly. I am trusting God for healing too. We prayed for Mickey yesterday and the Spirit of God was present in a mighty way and the answers to our prayers were on their way before we even spoke them. We prayed for no infections esp. Staph, we prayed for miraculous healing from the inside out, and that Mickey would speak her testimony to everyone who comes near her. Amen

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