Weekend & Other Stuff

So this past weekend, David was at a men’s retreat with our church, so Liam & I made the trek up north to visit my siblings. We stayed with J & C but got to see all the other sibs & kiddos, too. It was so much fun!

Liam thinks his big cousin “I” is soooo cool. He kept looking up at him with big smiles and tried following him around. It was pretty cute. Auntie C took some cute pics of them that I’ll have to post once she uploads them. VERY cute.

In other news, we gave Liam his first little “mini haircut” this past week. His little mane in the back was starting to look a bit too much like a mullet, so we buzzed the back of his neck a little bit just to get rid of those little long hairs. This was just a trial run, and we’ll do a more full-on haircut sometime soon. He did really well! I wish we had pictures, but one of us was holding him while the other cut, so it was all hands on deck 🙂

Other than that, our poor little guy has been sick again the past few days with a little sniffly symptom stuff and a fever. Poor kiddo. Hopefully he starts feeling better soon & that fever breaks, because he has been sleeping TERRIBLY! This morning, David took one for the team and finally took over Liam duty at 5:30. He took him out into the living room and let him play for a little bit while David laid down pillows & a blanket & laid down on the floor, haha. Liam got tired after a little bit and I heard him cry so came out and brought him back to bed with me. Sweet sleep for about another hour. Nice. And the poor little guy sure needs it!

We’ve bumped his bedtime back to 8:00, so hopefully once he is over this sicky stuff, he will begin sleeping later, because for awhile now he has been trying to get up at 6:00ish every morning! Too early! We realized he probably doesn’t need a full 11.5-12 hours anymore, so that’s why we’re bumping his bedtime from 7:30-8. We shall see!


One thought on “Weekend & Other Stuff

  1. Try black-out curtains! My kids always would wake up with the sun, and this helps them sleep a little later. I just bought black felt from walmart, enough to double it over, cut a little slit in each side, and screwed 2 screws right by the valance. At night, I just loop the little slits over the screws, and I just take it down during the day. The felt was cheap, under $10, and it defintiely makes a difference. 🙂

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