Life springing up everywhere!

Oh it is definitely springy ’round these parts!

It seems like overnight all the trees are covered in leaves, summer bulbs are working their little way up through the ground, and I am peeking out to see if our veggie seeds have sprouted up yet.

I can’t wait!

The only negative is that with warmer weather comes….


I despise bugs with all of my being. ESPECIALLY WASPS. These things are vicious around here!

I don’t know if it’s because we’re still new (2 years now) to the neighborhood or what, but these things ALWAYS try to build nests right above my sliding glass door. David sprayed 3 nests in our eaves already right in that area and tons of them fell down & died on our patio. Ick.

Assuming we can get a handle on those darn wasps, I am imaging how cute it would/will be to have a little kiddie pool in the back this summer for Liam to splash around in. I think he would love that! So we’ll just hope that they don’t build umpteen-thousand more nests and we can actually spend some time back there, grumble grumble.

Well, better go. Liam & an oatmeal-peanut butter cookie are calling my name! 🙂


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