Outdoors… finally!!

It has been so nice here this weekend!!!! We all enjoyed some time in the sun, which has been a long time coming around these parts.

Got a lot done, too!

I pruned, weeded, planted, transplanted, fertilized and just about every other garden-y thing imaginable.

Meanwhile, David did some edging, mowing, cleaned out our garage and washed one of our cars.

It felt like such a nice little sneak peak into the summer! I can’t wait to be able to take walks with Liam any day I want, and have a little kiddie pool.

The only thing that I’m concerned about is all the wasps we get around here… I think it’s because we are new construction (well, our house is 2 years old now), but obviously we were built on previously untouched land, meaning that there were wasps & mice & all sorts of nature’s goodness everywhere before we got here.

So unfortunately, that means that every summer we get a LOT of wasps. We tried using the yellowjacket traps, the spray, and still they bother us!

I’m hoping that as each year passes, the numbers will dwindle as they move on to other areas, but we’ll see. I saw some out today looking to make new nests. Ugh.

Anyway, we are so happy for the nice weather!


One thought on “Outdoors… finally!!

  1. I noticed a lot of bees around here too! Not sure if they are wasps, or what, but there are definitely more than usual. I think we’re going to try the traps, and hopefully we’ll have luck with that. I haven’t noticed a nest yet, but there were quite a few around the tree that’s in our neighbor’s yard, so maybe they’re coming from there… I sure hate them though. 🙂

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