Well, we had David’s 6-week followup appointment yesterday with his surgeon. After he had taken a look at David’s x-rays, he walked in the room and said, “Well, I think your arm looks FABULOUS!!”

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could tell that a lot of healing had happened in the past 4 weeks, and he said that it looked so good that he would have even been okay with his arm looking like this even THREE MONTHS OUT (instead of 6 weeks)!

The Dr. said that he thinks that adding the second plate really stabilized it to help it heal, because before with just the one plate, the broken bone was able to move just enough that it was messing with that process. The bone graft that they put in helps a lot, too, because it stimulates the bone to fill in the gaps.

What a relief to hear good news instead of uncertainty and fear-inducing things. What a great God we serve.

He is David’s HEALER!


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