Good News/Bad News

Well, the good news is that we are all feeling better now!

…the bad news is…

that Gpa Kelly and Gma Holly dropped by the other day to drop us off some soup and Gpa Kelly couldn’t quite resist holding Liam (who was only a few days into his sickie germs), and now Gpa Kelly caught it and has been sick as a dog this week. 😦

This thing is so contagious! He only held him for a few minutes, too. Poor guy 😦 Hope you feel better soon, Kelly!

Other than getting over being sick, not much else to report here. Liam is teething like crazy and will chew on anything and everything in his path. I caught him earlier with a puzzle piece in his mouth – he had the knob in his mouth and the 4″ puzzle piece looked like a binky covering his whole mouth! Haha! Poor guy – hopefully he will get the top 2 teeth to cut through any day now. Right now his tooth count is up to 4: 2 on bottom, 2 on top (on either side of the top 2 middle teeth), and the top 2 middle teeth are on their way in. It’ll be nice when they arrive so we won’t have such a little whiner on our hands 😉


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